Hokuriku Arch Pass
Travel Terms and Conditions

Travel Terms and Conditions

  1. The Hokuriku Arch Pass (hereafter, "the pass") is only valid for foreign visitor holding a non-Japanese passport with a Temporary Visitor qualification of stay.
    • The pass may not be transferred or given to a third party, including family members.
    • An original passport is required for purchase and issuance of the pass.
    • Issuance is not possible with a passport photocopy.
    • The passport must be valid for the duration of the period of use of the pass.
  2. This pass is valid for the seven days printed on the ticket.
  3. Make sure to keep your passport with you at all times while using the pass, and present it to staff when requested.
  4. This pass is valid for the Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo to Kanazawa), and ordinary car reserved and non-reserved seats of limited express and local trains of the East and West Japan Railway Companies, Tokyo Monorail, as well as between Nanao and Wakura Onsen on Noto Railway within the indicated zone (Also valid for conventional lines between Tokyo and Takasaki). No additional fares or fees are required for the Himi, Johana and Nanao lines if you do not get off the train within the areas below (fares and fees for the entire ride are required if you get off the train within those areas or beyond).

    • *IR Ishikawa Railway lines between Kanazawa and Tsubata
    • *Ainokaze Toyama Railway between Toyama and Takaoka (local trains only)
    • *Not valid for the Tokaido Shinkansen (between Tokyo, Kyoto, and Shin-Osaka), San'yo Shinkansen.
  5. This pass does not guarantee seating. For reserved seats, make sure to have your seat ticket issued from a East or West Japan Railway Company Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machine, JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi) or Travel Center before boarding. Only this pass is required for non-reserved seats. (Some trains may not have non-reserved seats.)

    • *Use an available seat if you board the Narita Express, Swallow Akagi or SHONAN ordinary car (all reserved seats) without reserving a seat. (There are other trains with only reserved seats. Ask staff for further details.)
  6. Green Car fees are required for use of Green Cars of local trains. Green Car and GranClass fees are required in addition to limited express and express fees for use of Shinkansen, limited express and express Green Cars, or GranClass. Sleeper car fees are required in addition to limited express and express fees as well as basic fare for use of sleeper cars. Passengers cannot change their reservation to a reserved seat or sleeper car once on board the train. Fares and fees are non-refundable, even if the customer elects to use a non-reserved seat.
  7. This pass can only be used within the term of validity indicated on the ticket.
  8. This pass cannot be exchanged for other passes or tickets, and the term of validity cannot be changed.
  9. The pass cannot be reissued if lost or stolen.
  10. Show your pass to train crew when boarding at an unmanned station.
  11. Refunds are available at the place of purchase only if the pass is unused and within the period of validity. A handling fee of 10% of the purchase price (JPY) is subtracted from the refund. After a seat ticket is issued, it cannot be refunded after the scheduled departure time of the train, even if unused.
  12. Once you have begun using the pass, it cannot be extended or refunded for any reason, including suspension of service, delay, etc. JR bears no responsibility for additional fees incurred, including changes to your route, transportation or accommodations.
  13. To use this pass, passengers must obey the terms and conditions above, JR EAST regulations, terms and conditions and the laws and regulations of Japan.
  14. Use of this pass in violation of the terms and conditions of this pass or JR EAST is regarded as illegal passage and may result in invalidation and confiscation of the pass, collection of fares and fees for all areas traveled using the pass, and a penalty of double the fares and fees.
  15. Should any issues arise from the travel terms and conditions as presented in English, Chinese (traditional/simplified) or Korean, the original Japanese language document shall be considered the official text.

*The information indicated (including pricing) is current as of April 2021 and is subject to change.

Usage Area

The Hokuriku Arch Pass Usage Area Map

Automatic ticket gates are available within the usage area.
Inquire with staff for entry if an automatic ticket gate is not available.

  • How to pass through
    an automatic ticket gate

    How to pass through an automatic ticket gate
    • Note: Automatic ticket gates cannot be used for non-JR EAST lines. Inquire with staff for entry.
    • · Saitama New Urban Transit (Omiya Station to the Railway Museum)

Be sure to collect your ticket after you pass through the automatic ticket gate.